(Show report by DRM Jones)

Carnival Arts and Masquerade Foundation (CAMF) held it’s 2nd annual band launch at Second Home,
London Fields in Hackney on 12th May Entitled “Rekindle De Legacy”.

The carnival culture evening featured a parade of 16 bands due on the road at Notting Hill Carnival 2019, there was also live music and
caribbean food.

A musical welcome from the famous Nostalgia Steelband greeted spectators
entering the event. MC Coco P, commonly associated with the London Calypso Tent, hosted the
festivities which began after one of the show’s producers, Vincent John, led the audience in
prayer/meditation with the sacrifices of those gone before who made carnival “the world-
renowned cultural art form it is today” in mind.
Leading the live music section was veteran calypsonian Alexander De Great paying tribute to the
great Lord Kitchener and explaining the roots of calypso.

Next up was UK Calypso Monarch 2018, De Admiral, quoting Duke: “We have to give up that old slave-mentality…”, he then devoted a song to
the Windrush Generation in recognition of their continuing successful dedication to social and
cultural excellence in the UK.

The list of carnival bands included: Jamboulay, South Connections, Ashantix Kweyole, Gemz Mas, MaKING Carnival, Catona’s Gods, Goddesses, Rumshop Raw Licquer,
Tropical Isles, Hotwax, Mas Africa, Fanatix, Exotic Mas, Glorious Backstage Arts, Extreme St. Lucia, Mardi Gras Arts, DUKA Mas Domnik UK and Cocoyea.

After being entertained in the interval with the latest soca from DJ Mike Forbes, a special treat was
the event’s choreographer, Rueben Joseph’s Miss World Carnival Queens presentation which was an
introduction to the official show in August. Miss United Kingdom, Miss Rio, Miss Trinidad and
Tobago, Miss India, Miss Jamaica, Miss Bahamas, Miss St.Lucia, Miss Barbados, Miss Montserrat,
Miss Canada, Miss Dominican Republic, Miss St. Vincent and Miss United States where all
represented in great costumes. To round off the exciting show, Coco P previewed his upcoming EUK
Soca Monarch competition, and as part of this, top UK soca artiste, Triniboi Joocie sang his latest hit
track “Obeyah” whilst the grand costume finale from the carnival bands took place ending a
wonderful show.

During the Haitian Revolution, the slaves led by the great Toussaint L’ouverture connected with
higher spiritual forces for strength to overcome demonic forces, defeating Napoleon to keep Haiti
liberated. They had to free their minds, giving up their old mentalities in the process, in order to go
forward in life.
Acknowledgements: The Creator, The Ancestors, CAMF’s Events Production Team: A. Duncan-
Thompson, V. John, B.Nyarko, D. Gonzales, DRM Jones, M.Antoine, C.Rock, O. Joseph.
©DRMJ/CG&G 2019